What Is WordPress?

WordPress Is Website Content Management System ( CMS ). WordPress Is The Most Easiest Way To Create Your Own Website Or Blog. Its A Open Source Website Creation Tools Made With PHP. That Means Its Free To Use.Anyone Can Use This Software Or Modify It. It Powers 35% Of All The Websites On The Internet. Yes – More Than One In Four Websites That You Visit Are Likely Powered by WordPress. For Using WordPress You Don”t Required Any Programming Knowledge. That”s The Reason WordPress Is So Popular.

When WordPress Was Created It Was Only A Tool For Creating Blog. It Was True Many Years. But Nowadays’s You Can Make Any Kind Of Website With WordPress. Thanks WordPress That They Have Develop Their Feature, Ecosystem Of Plugin And Theme. The Feature You Will Get In WordPress You Cant Get That On Other Platform.

WordPress Vs Other CMS

Lets See The Compare With WordPress Vs The Other Two Top CMS Joomla And Drupal.


WordPress: 62.5% In CMS And 35% In All Website

Joomla: 4.5% In CMS And 2.6% In All Website

Drupal: 2.9% In CMS And 1.7% In All Website

There Is So Many Reason Why WordPress Is So Popular. For Using WordPress You Don’t Need Any Programming Knowledge. Its Very Easy To Install Like Magic. You Will Find Many Resource For Installing WordPress And After Completing Installation You Can Change Your Website Layout Or Functionality Very Easily. That’s Why WordPress Is Popular Than Other CMS Like Joomla Or Drupal. On The Other Hand both Joomla and Drupal require a certain level of technical know-how and familiarity with HTML css and the programming language PHP. WordPress allows experienced users to work at that level, too—but, unlike Joomla and Drupal, it also includes features for beginners, so that they can set up a site quickly with no knowledge of code or programming.

What Kind Of Website Can WordPress Make?

When WordPress Was Created It Was Primarily A Tool For Creating Blog Rather Than Traditional Website. Nowadays WordPress Can Make Below Types Of Website.

  1. Blogs

  2. eCommerce stores

  3. Business websites

  4. Portfolios

  5. Education

  6. Membership sites

  7. Resumes

  8. Nonprofit

  9. Forums

  10. Social networks

  11. Technology

  12. Agency

  13. Wedding

  14. Corporate

  15. Photography

  16. Fashion

  17. Real Estate

  18. …And Many More That You Want To Build ( Need Any Kind Of Suggestion Knock Me  )

You Can Check The Theme From Here And Start Building Your Website.

5 Benefits Of Using WordPress Platform

Number One: Easy To Use And Very Flexible

WordPress Is Free. You Can Make Your Website You Can Install WordPress In Just One Click. Hearing So Easy? Actually It Is Easy. Its Very Easy To Use Even For The Beginners. WordPress Is Very Flexible To Use With Themes. Themes Will Primarily Change The Look Of The Layout Of Your Website. And Plugins Will Change Your Website Function. Want To Add Forum In Your Website Just Use This Plugin Name bbpress. Want To Sell Your Product Add The Plugin WooCommerce. Isnt It Easy? Need Help Contact With Me.

Number Two: Themes Offer Thousand Of Option Plugins Extend Functionality

WordPress themes offer users an array of choices for fine-tuning the appearance and functions of a new site, thanks to its large and growing directory basic and premium of themes. Many of these are instantly available to a new site owner through the WordPress theme directory, and thousands more can be purchased through design marketplaces and third-party designers from around the world. Themes can be previewed live and installed at any time to change the look and layout of a WordPress site.

As I Said Before Plugin Will Add Extra Functionality To Your Site. With The Use Of Plugin You Can Make shopping carts, galleries, contact forms, and more to any compatible WordPress site.

Number Three: It Supports Numerous Media Types

Please Feel Free To Check The Long List Of Accepted File In WordPress. But The Primary Category Is

  1. Images
  2. Documents
  3. Audio
  4. Video

I Have Check Many Other Format Like  .jpg, .png, .gif .pdf, .doc, .pptx, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .mov, .wmv, and .avi. I Have Not Find Any Error. With The Above Format It Also Support  .odt, .key, .ogg, and .3gp. But There Is A Problem With SVG Support In WordPress. Here Is The Solution For That. Check This Tutorial For That.

Number Four: SEO Comes First

WordPress is known for having SEO built into the platform. In fact, WordPress automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for all of your pages and posts. This lets search engines know about your content, and it will get you indexed and potentially moved up in the rankings. As with everything in WordPress, there are also more advanced features offered by plugins and online tools. Here are some SEO favorites to consider:

Number Five: Mobile Responsive And Community Support

WordPress Theme Are Super Responsive. Its Looks Pretty Well In Mobile, Tablet Or In Any Type Of Device. Mobile Responsive Is A very Good Factor For Ranking In Google. For That The Community Of WordPress Make Their Theme Mobile Responsive. As I Said Before WordPress Is Free And Very Easy To Use. For That Reason WordPress has A Large Community All Over The World. If You Face A Problem With Your WordPress Site You Can Get help From The WordPress Community. We Love To Solve The Problem With WordPress Website. I Make Sure That The Support You Get From WordPress No One Can Provide That.

Still Confused? Check Out Who Uses WordPress


The official Whitehouse.gov website is powered by WordPress.


Microsoft uses WordPress to power its official blog. It also uses WordPress to power blogs for specific products like Windows and Skype:

The Rolling Stones

Even famous bands love WordPress! The Rolling Stones’ website is powered entirely by WordPress.

So More Late. Choose Your WordPress Theme With Discount And Build Your Website. If Need Extra Functionality Add Plugins From Here.

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